Track My Kid – Track your Kid’s School Van

Track My Kid – Track your Kid’s School Van

About Track My Kid

Track My Kid is one of the most useful mobile applications ever made. If you ask a teacher about his most valuable thing in the world he’ll say it’s his students. If you ask the same question from a Doctor, he’ll say it’s his patients. If you ask the same from a parent, he’ll say it’s his kids.

Once the kids leave the house in the morning, most of the parents are worried sick. We saw this problem, and we made ‘Track My Kid’ as the solution. We let the parents track their kids when the kids are on the way to school and back. We provide this as a FREE service.

As added options, we notify the parents when the school van is near their house so they can bring their kids outside. Once the kid is dropped to his school, we again notify the parent of that status. Also in the evening, once the van is near the house again, we send the 3rd notification asking the parent to come out and pick the kid.

So, no more worrying, just get the app, signup and keep track of your kids.