Augmented Reality JBP App for Unilever Srilanka

Augmented Reality JBP App for Unilever Srilanka

Augmented Reality App for Unilever Srilanka

Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, which owns more than 400 household brands and employs 173,000 people. They wanted an Augmented Reality app to their JBP (Joint Business Plan).

Imagine that you’re the producer of some product which is in the local supermarket. You want to jump off your profits so you arrange a sale on them. Now you want to notify your customers about this. The traditional way is through notices and leaflets. Or you can hire a sales crew to give the sale information to your customers directly.

But, what if we can take it to the next level.

The Augmented Reality App we developed for Unilever Sri Lanka uses Images processing & data matching under a certain algorithm. The customer just has to point the phone camera to the shelf which has your product and our app will display a message on the discounted items on that shelf. This looks simple, but our system searches thousands of images in milliseconds to give accurate results.