Attendance Management System – LPG Engineering Group

Attendance Management System – LPG Engineering Group

About LPG Engineering

LPG Engineering group is three companies with more than 200 employees. They have used the time card system for attendance for years and had several problems with it when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. They selected Dream Squad as their go-to consultant and we were able to direct them in the right direction on the procedures to follow and the proper developments.

The attendance management system we developed has the ability to fingerprint scanning. Employees’ hands are always not clean, therefore we introduced the RFID card reading as well. Together the system runs smoothly and with the help of the customized attendance management software, management can now get various types of reports at any given time.

Employee management system can filter the employees by their type and the company. Their Over Time (OT) is calculated along with their daily attendance and number of leave days. If there is an employee who is working out of the office, then the attendance management software has the ability to change/modify the relevant dates and times manually.

All these are properly authenticated and only executives who have the proper privileges can log into the attendance management system.