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Everything is mobile-focused now. Facebook is largely accessed by mobile, all the websites now need to be mobile responsive. Dream Squad recently created a mobile application for Unilever Sri Lanka with a dashing administration module. The first question was, Can I use it on my phone?
Mobile apps are the present and are here to stay. And we at Dream Squad are specialized in hybrid mobile application development which brings the cross-platform apps in one go, which cut the costs and also the development time in half.

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Mobile Development at Dream Squad

Mobile Application Development is often done for Android and Ios separately and other mobile OSs are overlooked. And if you need another web application that does the same thing that is a whole another development. But at Dream Squad we make use of cutting-edge hybrid technologies to make apps at one go with the same or better quality. This not only reduce the development time drastically but the price for development become amazingly affordable. But most importantly one app makes testing easier that will lead to a robust quality app. So yeah, that is what we provide. Affordable, quality mobile applications for all platforms in a very short time frame. That is the dream, isn’t it?

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Developing a Mobile App is the act of converting your dream into a reality. Therefore it is imperative that we are always available. Whenever you need something in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications or any other technology,
Dream Squad is there. You can share that with us so we can better understand what you exactly need.

It can be telephone, ticketing system and even Facebook or plain SMS. At Dream Squad we are always available for you and it is something we are very proud of and our customers are very happy of.

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