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Dream Squad, the only Squad that listens to your dreams.

Dream Squad is a company which develops¬†Web, IoT & Mobile Applications with a keen focus on technical excellence and total customer satisfaction. Dream Squad develops applications for Web, IoT & Mobile Applications. We deliver quality but we don’t break your pocket. Contact Dream Squad now!


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Address: Dream Squad (Pvt) Ltd, 529/2/B, Jaya Mawatha, Thalangama North, Baththaramulla 10120, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 113 631 531  +94 717 338 941

Business Hours: 8:30am. -6:30pm. M-F, 9am-5pm S-S

Dream Squad contact lines are always open for your development and design needs. We understand that your venture needs an online presence and the process of creating can be a pain. Specially when the contacting of the development team and communicating the message.
Our specialized team take that hard work from your head and make it our responsibility to deliver superior quality with minimal time while not breaking your pocket.

So why wait! Get your phone and Contact Dream Squad. We are the change that you are looking for!