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We are Dream Squad. You know, the squad that listens to your dream. The squad that encourage you to dream big. The squad that gives your dream a reality check using their experience. The squad that specializes in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications. And finally the squad that makes your dreams a reality better than you have ever imagined. Yeah. We are that Squad. We are the Dream Squad!

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Why are We Different

Information Technology companies are formed to provide solutions to business problems and make money. Well, that is not our primary focus as a company. We want to make big strides in the industry. We want to disrupt it. We are looking into virtual reality, Internet of Things and even blockchain on how to use it for the betterment of the industry and the globe!

A Closer Look

Something more about Dream Squad

Not to brag but all our engineers are fully qualified and half of them have their master’s degrees completed. So the clients from Sri Lanka and all the way from Australia and Germany love us for our experience and professionalism in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications. Clients are fully satisfied with what we have done for them, every time so everyone (including global giant Unilever) trust us to deliver them the best.


Experienced Designers

Our ultimate goal is to make technology including Web, IoT & Mobile Applications not only usable but also fun and enjoyable.


Business Incubator

We love a challenge! If you have a new idea that’s going to change peoples lives, in any field including Web, IoT & Mobile Applications let us help you make that dream a reality.

Long Term Partners

We want to stay and help you achieve your business goals to the fullest by providing solutions for your Web, IoT & Mobile Applications, support services, consulting and more!

Dream Squad | Specializing in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications

We are a technology company specializing in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications. We help our clients to reach their potential without breaking their pockets. Dream Squad just wants to be the next force that changes the world!



Mobile Apps

Iot Solutions

Mobile Application Development

A lot is happening towards mobile. Therefore, we develop hybrid mobile applications that can be used across Android, Ios, Windows and even Web. We want our application to deliver a seamless user experience and a value that is beyond expected. We work closely with Unilever Sri Lanka in our latest mobile project to capture their product quality.
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Web Application Development

As Web 3.0 is on the rise you need to be as interactive as possible with your customer. Our job is to make that happen. Our search engine friendly responsive web applications will dazzle your customers and keep them on the site with an increasing turn over rates and business.

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IoT Solutions

IoT is not tomorrow. It’s now. All the tech giants are investing in it and it will shape tomorrow’s business world soon enough. Do not get left behind. Be on alert for everything that is happening around your business. Your vehicles, employees, buildings, warehouses, and everything. After all, Information is power.

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What We Do

Startup Incubator

We do, help and encourage startups ideas to reach their next level by providing necessary technical support on all possible platforms.

Technology Solutions

This is our day job! We are specialized at it. We are really good at it. We listen to your requirements and deliver a solution that is better than what was expected in the first place.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is here now and it is the future. Businesses who do not catch up with it are going to loose the long game. We can help you to not only stay but win it!

Total Solutions

This is work that we are proud of. We see a business that is going really well and we propose solutions to make it even better. The things that business owners never have thought about. We cover all your business aspects and make that bottom line bigger.

Technology Consulting

Do you already have a system and want to make it better? Do you need to improve security of your existing applications? We are here with solutions that work!


Innovation make the world push its boundaries. That is where we position ourselves as a business. We need innovate for the betterment of the world and importantly we want innovate solutions for our clients rather than using the same old.

We are responsive. Just like our websites.

We as a squad specializing in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications, will be always available for you at your convenience. We will be a simple phone call or a live chat away from you.


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